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Gansai on paper paintings

The Morphogenesis series is a result of Chôra. The cry of light, a series of drawings on paper and sustainable polymer filament sculptures, which provides a visual investigation of the question of Platonic matter (i.e. chôra) following the inspiration of Hermes Trismegistus' reading. Hermes emphasizes unprecedented sound and chromatic elements of the receptive 'mother' of every form Plato refers to—namely, an absolute, magmatic darkness, emanating an inhuman, supernatural sound, which Hermes defines as the very 'cry of light.'

Having created some works following this inspiration, Marta's brush gave expression to a "Morphogenesis" series of gansai (Japanese watercolours) on paper, in which the forms of Chôra became floating, like images preceding each image, precessions of their own selves, which make palpable the unstable nature of matter, its becoming, liquid, chaotic, erratic identity; in a word: its Dionysian feature.

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