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Marta Nijhuis

Is an Italian-Dutch Transmedia Artist, Philosopher, and Writer

She was born in Milan, Italy, in 1983. Holder of a BA (Hons) and an MA (Hons) in Philosophy from the State University of Milan and of a Ph.D. in Arts and Media from the Sorbonne (Paris), Nijhuis is currently based between Lyon (FR) where she is a Lecturer in higher education (Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3), and Paros (GR) where she makes art in her atelier by the sea.

Her work focuses on the topic of identity meant as a rhyzomatic notion, that is, based on the ever-becomingness of the world rather than the conformity with respect to a preliminary metaphysical model.


The observation of Nature’s constitutive differenciation is fundamental in her practice, and so is the use of sustainable materials.


Her work is also alimented by a research on cultural memory as another way to affirm the necessity of a plural, differential, transcultural idea of identity.

As a member of the international research group "Vivre par(mi) les écrans", her densely experimental practice aims at making what she calls ”post-digital art”. This means, "moving forward to—rather than back to—entirely handmade artworks, yet with the awareness of the changes the digital horizon implies in the way we perceive. 


Her remarkable technical skills stretch from painting to drawing, photography, installation art, performance, and keep evolving, for, as she says, "if I stuck to the same medium all the time, my work would become predictable, and lose the risk element that is crucial to all forms of creativity."

Her work has been displayed internationally, and her collaborations include working with musicians, filmmakers, scientists, and theatre companies.

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