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Ahura-Mazdā is an artistic partnership matching Marta Nijhuis' imaginary and plastic competences with Anna-Caterina Dalmasso’s theoretical media knowledge and video-making skills. 

The collaboration started in 2013 on the occasion of Marta’s "Figuring Out" exhibition in Milan, for which the duo realised a video titled "Waterworks," putting into moving images the photographic research on water reflections that Marta had been working on since 2009. The music for the video was composed and recorded by fellow musician Jacopo Bodini.

In 2015 the duo collaborated once more for a broader project on shadows and overlapping, a part of which was to become the video-scenography for the "Suonala ancora, Bombe" show. 

More generally, Ahura-Mazdā’s goal is to enquire, by realising works of art, on the possibilities and statuses of screens, on their opacity and transparency, on their medial density. This resonates with the theoretical research operated by the "Vivre par(mi) les écrans" research centre, founded by Mauro Carbone, of which both Marta and Anna-Caterina are members. The center is a permanent laboratory of research. So is this collaboration. 


Screenshot, Ahura-Mazdā (Marta Nijhuis & Anna Caterina Dalmasso), 2013. Music by Jacopo Bodini